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I have two doubts here

(1)Doubt1-The number of blocks needed to store file must be 3000 and not 2930. Record organisation is unspanned and so 1 block can contain only 10 records. Here in solution, they are trying to fit bytes into blocks and not records and that implies spanned organisation of block.

(2)Doubt2: They asked for the number of accesses using primary index-I considered it to be multi-level(to optimise) block access and hence got 2 level of indexing and therefore 3 block accesses. But they considered only 1 level of primary indexing and gave an answer as $\lceil log_244 \rceil +1$.

I think even if they didn't tell, for purpose of optimisation we can consider multi-level indexing with primary index. What should be the correct answer here?

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Doubt 1 :- yes they did mistake.

Doubt 2:- No, they are not going to multi level, they are creating a primary index on the file, that's it.
They are creating primary index on file and doing Binary search.
Doubt 1: It's a clear mistake on their side.

Doubt 2: Even I went for multi-level indexing and answered 3. They should mention in question the type of indexing, else the question becomes ambiguous.

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