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Nodes A and B are connected by a 100MbPs ethernet segment with 6μ μ s propagation delay between them.Suppose A and B send frames at t=0 and frames get collided.After first collision A draws k=0 and B draws k=1(exponential backoff algorithm ) jam signal is ignored and time out time is one RTT then at what time A's packet gets completely delivered to B?

Assume packet size is of 1000bits

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22 microseconds
32 micro second.
How 32
Actually as per given info A can't transmit the frame to B at k=0 because as soon as A's frame reaches B, B again start transmitting frame because it chose k = 1*PT. AND THUS transmission is not possible in the second round also. They have to go for 3rd round.

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Both the station start at the time t=0

At t=3us collision occurs than 3us again will required to detect the collision so at t=6us collision will be detected

Now 1tp that is 6us will require to clear the link as collision has been occurred so we must clear the link before starting so now at t=12us link will be ready to again transfer.

Now 10us is time to transmit the frame so at t=22us at will finish transmitting

Further tp=6us will require it to propagate so toata time taken to deliver the packet is 22+6us=28us.
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