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Consider the Bipartite graph shown. If four edges are chosen at random, what is the probability that they form a complete matching from V1 to V2 ?

A. 0.039

B. 0.052

C. 0.071

D. 0.083

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What is complete matching is it Perfect matching. Please explain the terms as well :)

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5 complete matchings are possible!

for C we have to fix T otherwise we won't get a complete matching.

For( A,B,D) following 5 matchings are possible: (P,S,Q) (P,S,R) (Q P,R) (Q,P,S) (Q,S,R).

Hence P= 5/ 8C4= 5/70=0.071
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Is Complete Matching , other name of perfect matching?
In this graph their are odd number of vertices, how can we have complete matching in this in Question when we can not select all the vertices.
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