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In C++ and  java which of the following features is not essential for polymorphic behaviour of programs?

A) Inheritance

B) Method overriding

C) Method overloading

D) Encapsulataion

The question was asked in GSET  2018(Gujarat State Eligibilty Test ). According to the answer key , Option C is correct, but How? Isn't Method overloading a
in Object Oriented Programming 81 views

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int main() { int a[5] = {5,1,2,3}, *p=a, *q=a+3, i; *p* = *p; *q%=*(a+2); for(i=0;i<1;1++) printf("\n%d%d", p[i], q[-i]); return 0; } Specify the output of the program A) 25 1 B) 25 0 C) 25 2 D) Syntax error According to the answer key, ans is A, but isn;t it syntax error?
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The IOS class member function used for formatting IO is width(), precision(), read() width(), precision(), setf() getch(), width(), Io() unsetf() ,setf(), write()
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