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In a TDM medium access control bus LAN, each station is assigned one time slot per cycle for transmission. Assume that the length of each time slot is the time to transmit 100bits plus the end-to-end propagation delay. Assume a propagation speed of 2*10^8 m/s.

The length of the LAN is 1 km with a bandwidth of 10 Mbps. The maximum number of stations that can be allowed in the LAN so that the throughput of each station can be 2/3 Mbps is?


I know the answer and the explanation. But my doubt is how can we allow more than one station in a channel when we are using Time division multiple access as only one station uses the medium in its slot?

please if someone can clear this doubt.

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1 Answer

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In the TDM , we divide the time into slot and assign each station int round robin fashion ...
answered by Active (1.9k points)

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