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Equality and completeness problem for DCFL and CFL undecidable?
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Equality and completeness problem for DCFL: Decidable

Equality and completeness problem for CFL: undecidable
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saw this somewhere, therefore confused..

Manisha one entry is wrong in your table..

Completeness problem is decidable for dcfL.
I suppose equality and completeness problem is drawn wrong.
DO you know, about:

Is intersection of languages of same type decidable/ undecidable in CFL, CSL, RL, and REL?

I read somewhere that everything for REL is undecidable but then read that 'Is intersection of languages of same type' is Decidable for REL?
Intersection of languages of same types is decidable only for regular languages. And for all others(dcfl,cfl,csl,rl,rel) it is undecidable..
Are you sure?
any reference?

I read it from r-b-r lectures..i don't have any solid reference..

I get confused if i merge the concept of decidability along with closure property ((for proving anything))...

It's interesting--

A chart for decidability

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