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is it even????
i think it will be even becoz Non pendant vertex is that vertex which are not leaves (i.e whose degree is not one) so as it is mentioned that every non pendant vertex degree is 3 so every non leaf node will be connected with 3 vertex and one vertex itself , so total vertex will always be even
degree of vertex in tree is the number  of child not the number of adjacent edge

so answer is odd or even i.e. option C
@Gurdeep show me any case in which u r getting odd no of vertices

degree in case of tree is no of child

@saini understood thank u


degree in case of tree and degree in case of graph both are different

if it is graph that your statement is right but

degree in case of tree is the no of child of that vertex

degree in case of graph is the no of adjacent edge to that node

if it would have been graph then the answer would be even . right?
yes @manas mishra

Gurdeep Saini every tree is a graph. so how can you say that degree in case of the tree is different and degree in case of graph is different?

@utkarsh for example -  we say that in case of binary tree all nodes should have dgree 0 or 1  or 2 , means it should have 0 or 1 or 2 children so in case of tree degree is the no of children it have

did you hear about a binary tree and some of its node have degree 3 ?

i think no

so now you can understand
it's b) right ???
No answer is c     @magma

Manas Mishra

can you give me one example where number of vertex  = odd ??

@magma see Gurdeep Saini comment , she has given example of both odd and even degree

Ooh sorry my bad ...

thanks  Manas Mishra

According to me the answer should be even considering the degree of a node as the number of adjacent vertices to it.
Answer should be B), there is no way, odd number of vertices possible.

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