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Consider the following function:

Find(Element Type X,List L)
    Position Prev_Pos,XPos;
    Prev_Pos=Find Previous(X,L);
    if(Prev_Pos--->Next!=NULL)  /* found */
       return XPos;
       return NULL;

"Find Previous" function finds the position of a previous number of $X.$Above procedure is
$A)$Linked list implementation of self-adjusting lists
$B)$Linked list implementation of singly linked lists
$C)$Linked list implementation of doubly linked lists
$D)$None of these

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if(Previous--->Next!=NULL)  /* found */

Can you please check this line?


i edited the question.... But options are not matching. and i have doubt that

what is the meaning of 


A)Linked list implementation of self-adjusting lists 

Thank you brother, I also have a problem in syntax, but you edit, so I can understand

Option (A) is correct

what is the basic approach?so i can understand easily

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