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Consider a processor with $150$ registers and having $76$ different types of operations. Each instruction has five distinct fields, namely, opcode, two source register identifiers, one destination register identifier, and a thirteen-bit immediate value. Each instruction must be stored in memory in a byte-aligned fashion. If a program has $200$ instructions, the amount of memory (in bytes) consumed by the program text is:

  1. $1000$
  2. $1100$
  3. $1200$
  4. $1300$
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The register field needs 8 bits and opcode bit needs 7 bits.
The size needed for instruction:
$7+8+8+8+13=44 bits$
To allign it byte-wise: we need to pad extra 4 bits to make it multiple of 8. Thus the size of instruction becomes= 48 bits= 6 bytes.
Thus for 200 instructions the size needed is: $200*6=1200\: bytes$
answered by Boss (17.2k points)
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