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A machine has a $32$-bit architecture, with two-word long instructions. It has $4200$ General Purpose Registers and $1048$ Special Purpose Registers, each of which is $32$ bits long. It needs to support $1880$ instructions, which have an immediate operand in addition to two General Purpose Register operands and one Special Purpose Register operand. Assuming that the immediate operand is represented in $2$'s complement integer format, the maximum positive value of the immediate operand is _________
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Let the bits needed for operand be Z.
GPRs need 13 bits, SPRs need 11 bits and OPCODE field needs 11 bits. Thus $11+13+13+11+Z=64$, Thus $Z=16$ bits.
Since Z is represented in 2's complement format, the maxium value of Z is $2^{16-1}-1=32767$.
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Thus 11+13+13+11+Z=64, Thus Z=16Z=16 bits.

Can u explain How equals 64 machine has 32-bit architecture??


Given length of instructions are $two-word$ in the question. One word is $32$ bit since machine has 32-bit architecture. So one instruction is of length $64 bits$.


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