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A multiple access network with a large number of stations can be analyzed using the Poisson distribution. When there is a limited number of stations in a network, we need to use another approach for this analysis. In a network with N stations, we assume that each station has a frame to send during the frame transmission time ($T_{fr}$) with probability p. In such a network, a station is successful in sending its frame if the station has a frame to send during the vulnerable time and no other station has a frame to send during this period of time.

The probability that a station in a pure Aloha network can successfully send a frame during the vulnerable time.

  1. $p(1-p)^{2(n-1)}$
  2. $(1-p^{2(n-1)}$
  3. $p(1-p)^{(n-1)}$
  4. $(1-p)^{(n-1)}$
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it is A as per pure aloha from it
@sandygate-Please provide a clear step-by-step explaination

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