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Minimum hamming distance for detection of $3$ errors or correction of $2$ errors.

  1. $5$
  2. $4$
  3. $6$
  4. $3$
asked in Computer Networks by Boss (17.2k points)
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to satisfy both 5 shall be the answer

2 Answers

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To detect x errors, Hamming Distance Should be x+1 
So, To detect 3 errors, Hamming Distance Should be 3+1=4 

Similarly To correct x errors, Hamming Distance Should be 2*x+1

So, To correct 2 errors, Hamming Distance Should be 2*2+1=5 

But as mentioned in question, "Minimum hamming distance for detection of 3 errors or correction of 2 errors."

here or means we need to satisfy at least one of the two conditions.

Hence, Final ans is min(4,5) = 4.

answered by (255 points)
Final answer should be max -- ambuiguity of English is there but it should be MAX
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To detect 3 Error we have d+1 hamming distance = 4


answered by Active (1.9k points)
for the correction of 2 errors we need 2*2+1 i.e 5 hamming distance... So shouldnt the ans be 5?

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