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In the following Pascal program segment, what is the value of X after the execution of the program segment?

X := -10; Y := 20;
If X > Y then if X < 0 then X := abs(X) else X := 2*X;
  1. $10$
  2. $-20$
  3. $-10$
  4. None
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Answer of $X$ remains unchanged. As the if condition becomes false.

X := -10

Answer is C . This is classic example of $if-else$ issue. Always $else$ matches for nesting to the closest $if$  in $C$ Programming & Pascal .

if (x>y)
   if (x<0)
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else matches to closest if in all languages?
For sure in C & Pascal ! We don't get any other languages in GATE !
But here x < y i.e.  -10 < 20
Yes you seem correct. Updated.
When having confusion, always try to match else with last unmatched if condition.

This is usually the solution the compiler follows for dangling else problem during compilation of a program.

Reference: Ullman for compilers

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