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Merge sort uses:

  1. Divide and conquer strategy

  2. Backtracking approach

  3. Heuristic search

  4. Greedy approach

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 Answer: Option A.

One of the best examples of Divide and Conquer strategy.

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Divide and conquer is option A
Typo ? correct it plz.
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Option A ---> Merge sort

Merge sort is a divide and conquer algorithm.

It works by recursively breaking down a problem into two or more sub-problems of the same or related type, until these become simple enough to be solved directly. The solutions to the sub-problems are then combined to give a solution to the original problem. So Merge Sort first divides the array into equal halves and then combines them in a sorted manner.
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Option A ...

Some additional information ....

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Everyone of us knows the resources if u want to contribute genuinely at least learn from these video and then contribute by this way u can get points but no one get their right answer in shorter time ,thank you
Sorry i am nt getting wat do u want to say .... Thats a fairly easy question ... wat do u want me to contribute in a easy question ?? Reading other answers and posting that same answer ?? Everybody ?? No ...  U may know resources very well ... may be ... bt nt everyone ...
@puja mishra your videos are very useful thanks
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