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The principle of locality justifies the use of:

  1. Interrupts
  2. DMA
  3. Polling
  4. Cache Memory
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Answer is (D).

Locality of reference is actually the frequent accessing of any storage location or some value. We can say in simple language that whatever things are used more frequently, they are stored in the locality of reference. So we have cache memory for the purpose.

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What is exact difference between tempral and special locality
$\text{Locality of Reference}$ means If you are accessing, say memory location $x$ then it is $more \ likely$ that you will access memory location $x$ again or nearby locations of $x, ..x-3,x-2,x-1 ,x+1,x+2$....again in the near future. Former one is called $\color{Blue}{temporal \ locality}$ while later one is called $\color{blue}{spatial \ locality}$.
This the reason that when we have a cache miss we transfer the whole block containing the desired word in the cache rather than just the desired word.

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