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Which of the following page replacement algorithms suffers from Belady’s anamoly?

  1. Optimal replacement

  2. LRU

  3. FIFO

  4. Both (A) and (C)

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Proof that LRU does not incur Belady’s anomaly but that FIFO does incur the anomaly:

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Answer is (C).

FIFO sufferes from Belady's anomaly. Optimal replacement never suffers from Belady's anomaly.

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Answer : C) FIFO

Page Replacement algorithms suffer from Belady’s anamoly if :

  • They do not follow the stack based algorithm.

Reference :-

Since LRU & Optimal Replacement Algo follow Stack Algo, hence they are not affected by Belady's Anamoly.

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Belady’s anomaly occurs in those page replacement algorithm which does not have a Stack Algorithm.

Stack Algorithm: It is observed that on increasing the number of frames, the page fault is going to decrease, But FIFO shows an exceptional behavior. This algorithm says that if some pages are present in a system with n number then they are definitely going to present in a system with the n+1 frame. But FIFO denies this and that is why Only FIFO suffers from Belady's Anomaly.

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In case of Optimal or LRU when i increase the no. of frames then the no. of page faults will either decrease or remains same. But in case of FIFO sometimes even if i increase the no. of frames it is not going to decrease the page faults and infact it is going to increase them. That's why FIFO is having Belady's anamoly, as FIFO doesn't have a property called Stack property and it's not a stack algorithm.
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@punit I think FIFO is having Belady's anomaly because it does not follow the stack algorithm so how we called it as stack algo.
@lakshya yeah..i've rectified it!

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