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lots of doubt in standard walk , trail , path definitions . some approach questions with different definitions others different approach .

what is the standard definition for them
in Graph Theory by Loyal (7.8k points) | 42 views

srestha link is good but there is no conclusion at last . i.e . we dont which one agree to which one if question comes in paper

which one u get confused?

srestha mam

1) WALK  i read that in this  edges and  vertices may repeat.

but i did one question in which they said edges dont repeat.

2) now path no edges and vertices repeat but they repeat vertices in question and still correct......... 


1 question here . 2nd one not able to find.

mine answer is incorrect here because i didnt read question carefully i write  correct instead of incorrect but 2 nd and 4th option vertices repeats and simple  path just take one time vertices

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