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What is the distance of the following code $000000$, $010101$, $000111$, $011001$, $111111$?

  1. $2$
  2. $3$
  3. $4$
  4. $1$
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Distance (also called min-distance) of a block code is the minimum number of positions in which any two distinct codes differ. Here, min-distance occurs for the codes $2$ and $3$ and they differ only in $2$ positions. So, $d = 2$.

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@ Arjun sir,

codes 2 & 4 also has distance 2. right?




= 001100

@Arjun Sir, do we need to check each codeword distance to every other codeword, or just go sequentially?

every code with every other code.
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(A) Distance = minimum hamming distance = $2$.

$010101  ⊕  011001  =  001100$
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Check the solution

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Hamming distance = minimum distance between keywords.

Here minimum distance occur between 010101
and 011001

and Answer is 2

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I think it is (b). Do you know the correct answer?
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all of them differ by 3 bits if taken in same order ....

then how it is 2
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we have to choose the minimum distance by performing an Ex-OR operation between all pair of valid codes. now we have to select which pair has given the minimum number of 1's after Ex-OR operation. count that minimum number of 1's and that will be the distance. in this case,   010101  ⊕  011001  =  001100 number of 1's is 2 so HD is 2,

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