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hi seniors and gate rankers in the month of November aspirants of gate 2019 are now able to complete 80 to 90 % of syllabus some of them are revising , I am also at the same position but since 1 week I am losing my confidence and because of this the no of hours I was giving to gate is decreasing drastically, please suggest me how to overcome from this problem.
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please close this and post it as blog not as a question...
This is a question. Not to be posted as blog.
Sir I did both , as Shaik masthan sir told.


Sir, what i think is most of the aspirants feel like this... if this is as a blog then so many people see that blog, some persons may give their valuable suggestions, that may help lots of people...

if this is a question, then with in one day it is unreachable ( means most of the users doesn't see previous questions. ), for that reason only i suggest to post it as blog instead of a question.


Sir, one more thing i wanted to ask, " As you said in the blog, about the physical classes may starts from November, if i thought to continue.", what you think about that classes NOW ?

i just want guidance,help  to me Where ever i struck , i didn't want a formal coaching like ACE or Made easy institutes provide.. i am ready to come Kerala on NOV-15.

Hi, yes that's true. But we can't allow such blog posts as blogs are meant to be a contribution rather than a question. If you browse the blogs of last year, all guidance posts are already there.

Regarding classes, actually I have been struggling with an eye infection and even now my visibility is quite low .My wife and friend have been helping with the classes which have been going as per the GO schedule. Actually these are not classes rather discussions to pinpoint the important points -- you can see the summary on GO classroom .Once my eyes get normal these shall be live streamed -- subjects remaining are COA, OS, Compilers and Calculus.

After November I'll be moving to Bangalore and classes will end. All people in Trivandrum are staying back here to give GATE from here. If you want to join them you can come but there won't be any class or discussions other than weekend online meetings for doubt clearance or exam discussions.
@Arjun sir

So, after your recovery also, it is only online sessions only.

It'll be offline till November end and all subjects should be finished then.
thank you sir for your reply and support

Shaik Masthan bro how did u revise subjects...... ???

i just attempted one or two mock tests just but i only scored 50-60 range in those tests and when i am seeing answer key i am like i know this concept but failed to apply......... so how to improve this thing .....i am trying to improve negative marking as i got 4 or 5 mark as negative in these tests ,knew those concepts but little little mistakes.....plzz add how did u revise as a blog or answer......

Arjun sir plss add some stuff related to revision do the revision  i got my own time table that everyday i am gonna revise for 2-3 hour but most of the time i am so indulge in new topics that i am not able to revise ....

so plss add some stuff related to revision



i discussed my study plan

if you want you can read, otherwise just ignore


Shaik Masthan its good : ) 

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Why don't you follow a schedule? We have our schedule going on in GO classroom and OS, COA, Compilers and Calculus are left for the month of November. Once you have a schedule, it'll be easy to have focus. Then it is good to give full length exam even if you havent completed all subjects -- because the final GATE exam will be full length. In GO classroom we just had a full length exam - Mock Test 4 given by Bikram Ballav -- and it showed the aspirants where they stand as of now. After the subjects get over in GO classroom by this month end we will have more tests and discussions -- one wont have any time to even loose focus. 

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Actually sir I am done with all subjects except CO , once solved go pdf. but sir there are 9 subjects and maths I revised a subject and then again when the turn of that subject comes I forgot it again revising again.... go pdf is helping a lot.But just once and twice is not sufficient , like this I started loosing hope(iss sal bhi hoga k nhi) , and post my que regarding to this problem.But sir you answered this Now again I am ready for the battle. thanks sir.
So are you not following the 80-20 rule of GO PDF? Remember one thing -- even if you take GO PDF to exam hall you can't top GATE (might work for exams like ISRO)
what is 80 , 20 rule i think if able to solve 80 % question then good .
$80\%$ on own without seeing the solution.

@Divyanshum29 80-20 rule is very important.

Now how to efficiently make use of GO pdf is like if you take suppose DFA section of GO pdf, there are total 65 questions. In excel sheet write down 1-65 (wont consume much time :) ) and then solve all 65 questions without looking at the solutions. Solve questions in iterations. With this method you will not get stuck on difficult questions and moreover you will not mess up on easy questions because of those tough problems. It gives confidence.

This way try maintaining 100% accuracy in easy and procedural problems and then give sufficient time for tough ones and then check where you went wrong.

If you don't have any idea about the problem, look at the solution (partially) and again try to solve it. At last you don't have option :) .

Set daily target how many questions you have to do and solve them like exam. This approach will help you in tests as well.

All the best.

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