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What does it mean when they say "An array A[1...n] consists of a permutation of numbers 1....n.".?

Also I'd be grateful if you give some example.
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For numbers 1,2,3 total possible permutations are 1,2,3; 2,3,1; 3,1,2; 2,1,3; 1,3,2; 3,2,1. Basically we say 3,1,2 is a permutation of 2,1,3. We can say for any of the combinations.

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in array of size n the number between 1 to n are there in random order(permution).
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Thank you @Dharmendra Lodhi!
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let n=2 
A[1,2] and it consists of a permutation of numbers 1,2 which are  
case 1: (1,2) 
case 2: (2,1) 
B[A[i]]:=i  for all i (GIVEN) 
case 1: B[A[1]]:=1 B[1]:=1 
             B[A[2]]:=2 B[2]:=2 so B=(1,2) 
case 2: B[A[1]]:=1 B[2]:=1 
             B[A[2]]:=2 B[1]:=2 so B=(2,1) 
Hence array B have permutation of 1,2

Ans is B


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