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How do I utilize/schedule last two months(December/January) of GATE19 preparation, Considering that 

  • I had started preparation from 1st August-18.
  • Will complete all subject study by the November-18 end.
  • During this study period, I had solved some previous year questions after completing each of the subjects.


Any input from your side will be helpful for me to schedule my last two months.

Thank You.

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if you really completed your subjects... Then starts answering/commenting questions in GO... it helps to you and others
@ShaikMasthan , nice idea will look forward to it.

Is there any study revision stratigy that you can suggest?
@adarsh_1997 The question is How? Is there any particular strategy you follow?
take 15 days strategies and try to revise 1 subject twice in a month. i m following the same. in this 15 days i will revise all the subjects and then next 15 days will do the same .next month again will do the same.

revision is key.

and you must give some of your time on go platform(answering and clearing your doubts)

Is there any study revision strategy that you can suggest?

everyone have their own strategy....

coming to me ( GATE-2017 ) , i will allocate 10/15 days to a subject, then i will divide those days into chapter wise... in the day i will read only ( i will give 2 hours for all previous completed chapters before starting today plan then those are revised daily ) those chapters and solve the questions belong to those concept only.... after completing the subject i will choose one more subject, and complete it then again i will give 2/3 days for previously completed subjects for reading and taking test series and then only take one more subject

Thank you @ShaikMasthan and @adarsh_1997 for sharing such useful information, it really help me plan out my schedule.

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