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Consider a noisy station that detects transmissions and disrupts them by beginning a competing transmission as soon as it hears the beginning of the transmitted frame, thereby causing a collision. Assume the detector machine, which is on this Ethernet with bandwidth 10 Mbps, detects collision during the transmission of its 12^th  bit on the wire (including any preamble). If the speed of the signal in the wire is 2*10^8 m/s, then the distance( in meters ) of the noisy station from the detector machine is
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Yes, the answer is 120m  Could you please show and explain the steps how you got? Thanks
In case of Ethernet we have to transmit till we get the Collision signal in case of collision.In the worst case collision signal might come from the end as in this so transmission time should be >= 2 times of propagation


=>2D/V <= L/B

Distance<=((Length/Bandwidth)* velocity)/2

On substituting the values you get 120

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