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How to see my bookmark question ?
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Book mark means, Which are selected as favorite by YOU ?

for that,  Goto your user page, in that page you can find " My Favorites "  link
Yes. But adding them to Lists is better as you have more control in vuewvie the selected questions. Moreover you can have 5 different lists.
thank you sir, till now i didn't know about this feature in this site
You are welcome. It was added just recently. By this month some more features should come.
thank you sir for this much support for the aspirants... I just tell about this SITE and YOU, then my friends are jealous about this and worried about why we( NON-CS ) don't have such a platform..

sir, one more thing i am not able to see favorite blogs which are marked as favorite by me.
bookmarks questions/posts are not going to "my favorites". List is working fine.
But even i dont get question which i have star * how i can find them?

@Vishal sakariya

what is star

@naveen the browser bookmark has nothing to do with how the site works. It basically stores the link. You can google for the browser you're using

@shaik you're welcome. As of now there is no option to display favorited blogs. Unfortunately this was not part of the blog plugin.
sir, by bookmark I mean selecting orange heart/star symbol of questions in right-corner side.

I have few questions in 'my favourite' which i added months ago, but now whichever question I add to "my favourite", i don't find it in 'my favourite'.

But, no problem sir. 'Lists' feature is better :)
Oh okay. My favorites is ordered subjective, that's why you are not noticing the new adds.
Okk how i can added a favourite question to list?

Vishal below every question you'll find option of Lists, then select among 5 categories of lists.

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