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A leaky bucket with the capacity of 200 MB is at the host network interface.The data rate on the network is 2 Mbytes/s.If the host has 450 Mbytes to send onto the network and it sends the data in a burst then the maximum data speed from the host in order that no data is lost is_____ in Mbytes.(upto 1 decimal place)
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450/126=3.57 MBps?

@utkarsh please explain sir

talha hashim sir, can you post the solution not getting how to do. :(

0.44654 ??
Made easy Solution is given as

200 MB capacity is already present at interface ,now only (450-200)=250MB will be required to time required will be=250MB/2MBps

     = 125 sec

So the maximum data speed will be=450MB/125sec

But initially, 200MB is not there with interface first host should send it to the interface right?
@ utkarsh it is given in the question that 200MB is present at interface
it is given that bucket with the capacity 200 MB is present. I am talking about the data. Initially, the host should send the data to the bucket, right?

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Let me know whether answer is correct or not

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Please help me in understanding concept behind it.
What is the meaning it sends the data in burst?
How actual data (450/X) * 2 and how you have formed the equation?

Please suggest
see brother

we used two bandwidth

one from senders to bucket and 2nd from bucket to network as per question

Now , let bandwidth of senders to bucket  = X b/sec

we have data size = 450 MB

How much time is takes to transmit the data onto the link ?? = 450 / X sec

now in this (450 / X ) sec how much taka we're able to send to the network from the bucket ??? 2*450/X = 900/X MB right ?? Bucket to network bandwidth is given  = 2MBPS

And that 450/X sec time how much data can we can send from sender to bucket  = (450 / X) *X

now compute both of them

450 - 900/X = 200 {this is a overflow condition ... because if we send data from senders to bucket in greater bandwidth than the bucket to network...than we need 200 MB bucket capacity to store the data ...If we use less that 200 than there will be a case of overflow isn't it ?? }
Thanks @magma

Nicely explained :)

This question is from concept leaky bucket or token passing topic from tcp?

Magma did not understand. why muliplying by 2


now in this (450 / X ) sec how much taka we're able to send to the network from the bucket ??? 2*450/X = 900/X MB right ?? 

may be that statement might help you  Utkarsh Joshi


Generally outflow- inflow = capacity right

But here it was inflow - outflow

By solving that way I am getting 1.38Mbps

Could you please clarify on this?

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