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Consider the following IEEE single precision format

A fractional number X is stored as (80700000)16. The decimal equivalent of X is ______.



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Answer: -1.87 * 2^(-127) ?
Can you tell me the answer?
All exponent bits are $0$ so

X = $-0$
whenever you're posting a test-series question, you've to specify it's name

@ Mk Utkarsh  How do you justify your answer?

If all the exponent bits are zero then it would be 1.M * B^(E-127)

Here E would become 0. It doesnt make whole equation 0

But fraction part doesn't contain all it is not -0. It is a denormalized number which is -0.875*2^-126
It should be -127 or -126?

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Acc to single precision format as E=0, M ~=0 then use fraction form:

here we have convert the number to base 2 using 4 digits because of base 8.

Now first 1 bit is sign bit and next 8 bits are Exponent and remaining bits are M.

You can convert fraction number to decimal (0.875).

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