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Clearly, there will be two essential prime implicants. Why answer is 3?

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Yes getting 2 for three varialbes
There are 3

without that quad 1 and 4 are not included so quad is also EPI
But if quad is not present then also all the 1's in it are capable of combining in more than 1 way.

Gupta731 If quad is not present then you don't have a prime implicant, then obviously you'll get the wrong answer which is 2 

Yeah we have to consider the quad as well because we don't have any independent one which is not part of to pair 1  and 4 as  @Utkarsh said
0 has 2 to pair
5 has 7 to pair
like this we don't have 1 and 4 participating

check the below definition 

quite confusing, think I got it. Thanks

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