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A class B network address is submitted as follows. The last 10 bits of the host I'd are allotte for host number and the remaining 6 bits are reserved for subnet number.

Q- what are the first hosts address of 1st and 4th subnets?

  1. and
  2. and
  3. and
  4. None of these
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Answer A). .Last 16 bit can be written in binary as 00000000 00000000.

Now,we need first host of first subnet So, 00000100 00000001 which will be

First host of 4th subnet will be 00010000 00000001 which will be
A same reason
How did you go to the 4th subnet?
First subnet means 000000

4th subnet means 000011

isn't it ? ( We have to start from 0 right ? I mean there is no word as zeroth subnet)
Thanks got it

@Shaik Masthan  @adarsh_1997 ..the first host of first subnet is isin't it?

I got confused!

Yes, as per me

It is and
yes same like for 4 subnet 2 bits are used (00,01,10,11) 00 represent first subnet and so on.

for 64 subnet 6 bits will be used in sid part(000000 for 1st subnet,000001 for 2nd subnet and for 4th subnet 000011)
Yes, It will be and

Because first Address will be for subnet id (Network id) And Last one for Broadcast Address.
No,we don't count first as 0000 because it is used as subnet id.It is not host.Host always starts from 0001.

Answer will be definitely A).

Host always starts from 0001. ---- isn't it starts with 1


Answer will be definitely A).

it is actually lead to Option D. ( and )

But it is a non-standard question, i mean the question is not well formed... no need of further discussion

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