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i didn't read the concept related to strongly connected components please it describe it for this question

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consider a graph with 3 vertices, A, B, and C. Having directed edges as A-B and B-C. strongly connected components in a graph are three (A, B and C) Adding C-A edge will give us 1 strongly connected component (A-B-C)so statement 1 is FALSE. Not getting counterexample for statement 2 So I think B is the correct choice.
b ??
why not C ??

they mention "atmost 1 "

the number of strongly connected component decreases right ??


lets consider a example A to B ,B to C in this graph there are total 3 strongly connected component so when we add a edge C to A than it become only 1 strongly connected component            means reduce by 2

so  B is answer
yup correct thanks

Gurdeep Saini

can you please post the diagram here ??


reduce from 3 to 1

yeah great

@gurdeep what about 2 statement its answer is given as d) their explanation

but i think they have taken wrong graph becuase in the given graph there should be three SCC and after adding an edge there will be 2 SCC please correct me if i am wrong




and after adding edge SCC become 2
i think option (d) is correct counter example for statement (2) is consider the graph ABCD where path can be given as

$A\rightarrow B ,B\rightarrow C, C\rightarrow D ,A\rightarrow D$ now here there is zero strongly connected component but when we add an edge $C\rightarrow A$ there will be one strongly connected component i.e ABC.

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