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Find the minimum sum of products form of the logic function $ f(A,B,C,D) = \Sigma m(0,2,8,10,15)+ \Sigma d(3,11,12,14)$ where $m$ and $d$ represent minterm and don't care term respectively.
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Make square is minimum as well as possible

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The minimum SOP form of the logic function is given as:  $f(A,B,C,D) = B'D'+AC$

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4 variable K-map will be used

Here we will get two quads 
1. quad of (0,2,8,10 ) ---->B'D' 

2. quad of (10.11.14,15) ---> AC 

F = B'D'+AC 

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@praveen_saini sir, in this question why we are taking (10,11,14,15) for 2nd part, we can also take (15,11)??? please explain sir
one pair reduce one variable in minimization

one quad reduces 2 , and one octet reduce 3.. so on

we must pick the group of maximum minterms ..

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