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How many minimum spanning trees does the following graph have? Draw them. (Weights are assigned to edges).

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I want to solve this by $\mathbf{PnC}$.

I know answer is $\mathbf 2$ only as I have verified it by drawing.

But with permuation, for $\mathbf 3$ we have $2-\textbf{choices}$ and for $4$ we again have $2$ choces.

$\therefore$ Ans $=2\times 2 = 4$

What's wrong here?

For 3 we have 1 choice.
We can take any $3$, isn't it??

So $2$ choice?
see the daigram in answer both 3 are taken , only 4 has 2 choices which are taken in diagram.
Oh, yes actually that was the mistake I was doing.

I was thinking that at one of point of time, i can take any of the $3$.

So, if this $3$ would not have come in the diagram again then it would have been two choices, right?

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$2$ only.

$\{AB,BC,AE,BD\}$ and $\{AB,BC,AE,CD\}$.


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