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  1. Equivalence of 2 CFL's is decidable or not?
  2. Equivalence of 2 Regular languages is decidable or not?
  3. Equivalence of 2 CSL is decidable or not?
  4. Equivalence of 2 Recursive languages is decidable or not?
  5. Equivalence of 2 DPDA's is decidable or not?
  6. Equivalence of 2 PDA's is decidable or not?


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1 is undecidable, as a consequence of which, 6 is also undecidable. 2 is decidable. I'm not sure about 5, but I think it should also be undecidable as we can create a CFG for every DPDA.

Only 2 is decidable and Rest is Undecidable.

Oh right, I forgot the whole Godel prize story behind 5.

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Equivalence of regular and dcfls are decidable and for the rest of the languages it is undecidable.
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