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asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (7.4k points) | 42 views
Option b??

Also can you please add test series name
B is the correct answer

@Magma B is true but i have a doubt as in question its written that P has measured its distance to Q,R,S as 3,7,2 so we'll modify that distance too while sharing or we'll keep it ? In tanenbaum they kept that distance and in one of the GATE question too or was it because if i try to find the distance of those neighbours again i'll get the same entry ?

Am I saying something wrong ? Please help me here :)
I don't think that will be changed but if we find a better path we change the path as you can observe in count to infinity problem.

the link value should never be changed but the path might change.
Link value ?? Are u talking about the entry in which we store the name of the router from which we got the best new distance ?
Brother what's the link value here u talking ?

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