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  1. 64,128
  2. 32,16
  3. 32,128
  4. 64,32
asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (8.7k points) | 146 views

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In There are 2^16=65536 IP Addresses available 

In group 1 total IP address allocated is 128*64=8192 IP

in group 2 total IP address allocated is 64*256=16384 IP

In group 3 total IP address allocated is x*y=xy IP

ISP has 38K IP address left = 38912 IP

so group 3 has IP address = Total IP addresses - (group 1 IP addresses+ group 2 IP addresses)


=2048 IP

$so$ $possible$ $value$ $of$ $x$, $y$ is $64$, $32$

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@prashant281188 kindly tell me here how you interpret meaning of 38K as 38×1024 and not as 38×1000.plzz reply.


@Shreya kumari because in IP address allocation we can allocate IP addresses in power of 2's only.

what is the use of  38K ip addresses left with isp

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