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Consider a value of the window scale factor is 4. A sender receives an acknowledgment in which the window size is advertised as 14,385. The size of window sender can use is _______.

The ans given is 

New window size = window size defined in the header x 2window scale factor

                                = 14,385 x 24

                                = 230160 bytes

Should nt it be 14385 * 4=57540??

asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (5.5k points) | 18 views
window scale factor of 4 means window can be shifted 3 bits to left, thus allowing windows of upto 14385*2^4=230160B

@aambazinga like for the header we use a scale factor of 4(for the header length field) so I thought shoouldnt it be the same case here?

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