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 smtp packet follow the same route from sender to receiver
asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (7.1k points) | 31 views
i don't know exactly, but what know is messages are sent from sending to the receiving message transfer agent in a single hop. i guess this implies that it follows the same route.
What i am thinking is that smtp uses tcp and tcp dont bother about routes so smtp also hence false statement.......
but what about "transfer in a single hop"? this is written in tannenbum. i don't know too.. i'm just asking
dont know but guessing it means  there is nothing in between source and destination
doesn't that means that they follow the same route? because smtp uses TCP, which establishes connection before sending data, and if there is single hop, then automatically messages follow the same route.
but that connection is different from connection in network layer where host to host ios connected and in tcp process to process communication is there so i think tcp dont know about  physical routes

I came to know they were using source routing, where you can specify entire source to destination path address.

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