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Consider three IP networks A,B and C. Host HA in network A sends messages each containing 180 bytesof application data to a host HC in network C. The TCP layer prefixes 20 byte header to the message. This passes through an intermediate network B. The maximum packet size, including 20 byte IP header, in each network, is:

  • A: 1000 bytes
  • B:100   bytes
  • C:1000 bytes

The network A and B are connected through a 1 Mbps link, while B and C are connected by a 512 Kbpslink (bps = bits per second).


My question is what’s the overhead at Network Layer and also at Transport Layer of the Host C (Destination Host) 

asked in Computer Networks by Loyal (9.7k points) | 50 views
@Network layer--> source TCP and IP header

@Transport layer--> source tCP header
Is Source TCP header is an overhead at NL of Sender and Receiver?

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