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What should my strategy be now as I have to cover OS,DLD,Maths,CN and CO along with revision and taking full length tests.

I really don’t know what to do about aptitude.


Edit 1: Can people share strategies as to how to divide the syllabus and solve the problems.
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Divide your time for revision and studying new subject. Just give full length tests. Giving gate overflow previous year exams would be beneficial at this point of time since it would cover previous year questions.

There is an exam for aptitude in gate overflow which has all previous year question ....that test i think is enough for aptitude. I don't think u need to prepare specially for aptitude ...When u are giving full length test you will be solving aptitude questions and that would be enough for your revision.

For other subjects first try to cover previous year and Computer networks is having the vast syllabus of all.

Practice maths 1.5 hour daily ....u still have 50 days => 75 hours in total for maths.In this calculus is lengthy topic.


Thanks but what about OS,COA,Digital and other topics.
Study plan varies from person to person but if i am in ur place I would have tried to complete dcld first , then COA and then OS and would have give 5 to 6 days for each subject.

DCLD is easy 1 day for KMAP, 2nd day for combinational circuit, 3rd day for sequential and 4th day for no. system and IEEE floating point conversion. 5th day revision.

COA is little tough 1st day do disk scheduling, 2nd day cache memory , 3rd day pipelining ,4th day Addressing modes and 5th day ALU and data paths.

OS :- 1st day paging, 2nd day scheduling, 3rd day process synchronization ,4th day memory management , 5th day file system.

Just do previous yr questions along with theory.

By doing this ....ur 3 subjects would be roughly completed till 1st week of jan.

Then u should only focus on revision and full lenght test.

CN is a lengthy subject it if u get time otherwise u should leave it.It took me almost 1 month to learn it and still i think my concepts are weak in this subject.

note:- these are just my opinions.

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