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answer is 1.. but I’m getting more than 1

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no of lines =8/2=4

0..... 0mod4=0(compulsory miss)

11......11mod 4=3(compulsory miss)

4......4mod4=0(compulsory miss)

14......14 mod 4 =2(compulsory miss)

9.......9mod4=1(compulsory miss)

1......1 mod 4=1(compulsory miss)

8.......8 mod 4=0(compulsory miss)

0.....0mod4=0(conflict miss)


so conflict miss=1


shortcut: only block no 0 is referred again so it can cause conflict miss other are not responsible for conflict miss.. block no 0 is mapped to line 0 of cache which is already occupied by block 8 so it results in conflict miss.


compulsory miss: when you very first time access any block surely it is not present in cache this miss is known as compulsory miss


conflict miss: when you are accessing  same block again but it is not present in cache because that space has been occupied by some othe block then it is conflict miss.


capacity miss: when miss occur due to cache is full(associative cache) or set of cache is full(in case of set associative cache) then it is capacity miss
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thank u :)

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