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An organization is granted a block . The administrator wants to create 1024 subnets using 10 bits. The first and last address of any host in subnet 1024 respectively are –

A. and

​​​​​​​B. and

​​​​​​​C. and

​​​​​​​D. and
asked in Computer Networks by Junior (977 points) | 58 views
Is it d ?
yes , explain
The question mentions first and last address of any subnet, in option d the first address is the address for first subnet (subnet #1) and the second address is the last address for last subnet (subnet #1024) . at first you might be tempted to go with option b , but there the number of hosts are 245, which is not possible for (32-26=6) host Id bits.

* but a thing I don't understand is, the second part ,according to my calculation should be, because subnet #1024 net Id would be

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