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An ISP has assigned an address block to user in which 4096 hosts can be assigned IP addresses. Which of the following can be the network ID ?

asked ago in Computer Networks by Loyal (7.4k points) | 20 views

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Anwer- B.

for n/w id, all the host id part should be 0. Since it has to support 4096 hosts, -> 2^12 => 12 bits represent host id.

Note- Here in question, it is mentioned to assign IP to 4096 hosts, so we would actually need 13 bits to support this many hosts.[ 1 for n/w id and another for broadcast]. But since, no option satisfies, therefore, it is obvious that they are neglecting these 2 addresses.So, consider 12 bits for host id.

Therefore, 32-12 = 20 bits represent n/w id. Now, we know the prefix-length, the remaining 12 bits should be all 0's which is only in option B.

Therefore this is the solution.

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