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I have one doubt regarding getting viable prefixes for a grammar.

Suppose I am given a grammar G which is told to be LR(0).I have observed, if I draw LR(0) DFA for it, and see if there is a path labeled $\gamma$ from initial state to some state of DFA, then $\gamma$ is a viable prefix.Is my understanding correct?

Sometimes, it is not told what the grammar is.?Like is it LR(0) or SLR(1) or LALR(1) or LR(1) or not LR(1).

Like below

In such cases, how Do i start making DFA? Do i first check directly for LR(1)? 

I want a good process to give me viable prefix in a reasonable amount of time and accurate answer.

Pleas help.


asked in Compiler Design by Boss (24.9k points) | 71 views

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