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A PC-related mode branch instruction is $8$Byte long. The address of the instruction,in decimal, is $548321.$Find the branch target address if the signed displacement in the instruction is $-29?$
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PC points to the next instruction and not the instruction that it is executing. So when the instruction 548321 is executing the program counter will point to 548329 as the size of an instruction is 8 B. Since the displacement is -29, this will target to the instruction, 548300.
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answer is $548300$
Yes, sorry I mistyped, 548329-29 = 548300
edit the answer and please explain more, I'm not able to understand.
I think it will be like this

address 548321

Now instruction size 8 byte

So, now pc pointing to 548321+8=548329

Here we are getting sign displacement-29

So, pc will point 548329-29=548300


thank you so much, ma'am

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