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I want a link to sites or pdf repos which have list of mathematical puzzles or riddles which involve concepts of Discrete Math,Data Structure etc

It should be relevant to the gate syllabus as I feel that I need to train my mind to solve problems with new approach rather than a fixed approach.

Just want to improve my analytical skills when answering entrance tests.
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I don't think there are resources for riddles and puzzles which strictly adhere to GATE syllabus. Riddles and puzzles aren't made for GATE rather to discuss and solve them with patience and fun.

Nevertheless, here's something you might enjoy:

  • AoPS
  • Concrete Mathematics ( book, pdf readily available in the web )
  • On reddit, mainly r/math puzzles, puzzles, codes, cryptography. 
  • Project Euler
  • IMO Compendium ( look for the book by author, Andrescu, he's USA's IOI Trainer )
  • uVA online judge
  • puzzling, mathoverflow, math at stackexchange

All the best!

EDIT:  Some more here:


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