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Is DAG from compiler design is in the syllabus?
in Compiler Design by Active (2.4k points) | 92 views
It's subpart of intermediate code generation , so i think questions might be asked.
In many of the comments i have seen that the topic has been removed. Trying to confirm
Questions from many of the removed topics have come in the past , it would be safe if we have atleast the overview 😄
Yes... :)
what about subspace and vectors in linear algebra ?


No idea bro. its not clearly mentioned on syllabus. But i am not sure.



Can be asked generally 2 questions come from LA,one can come from Eigen values and one can come from this or Sytem of equations.

Will this be sufficient I also havn't covered vectors but I have this feeling that they might ask.


@prashant jha 1 can you show me one question which is not in syllabus and has appeared in paper after 2015.I am planning to leave out of syllabus topics.

DAG is in syllabus of graph algorithm(DAA). But use of DAG to optimize code should not be asked in paper.

Question can be asked from anywhere if it is even a little bit in syllabus. So leave recent out of syllabus topics carefully.

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