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Consider a computer system has a main memory consisting of $1 \text{ M } 16 \ bit$ words. It also has a $4\text{ K-word}$ cache organized in the block set associative manner, with $4$ blocks per set and $64$ words per block. What is the number of bits in each of the TAG, SET and word field of main memory address format?

  1. $11, 6, 4$ bits
  2. $10, 5, 6$ bits
  3. $10, 4, 7$ bits
  4. $11, 4, 7$ bits

I am getting an answer of $10, 4, 6$.

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answer is b right?
Ans C) right?

Answer given by made easy is $(C)$.

As per the link shared by @akshat sharma, it seems that we have to consider the memory to be byte-addressable by default (in case the question doesn't mention addressability explicitly). However, I initially solved considering the memory to be word-addressable, and ended up at $10, 4, 6$ as the answer.


yes @zeeshanmohnavi   you r right.answer will be c

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