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Consider the following statements:

S1: Direct mapped caches do not need a cache block replacement policy, where as fully associative cache need.

S2:: Direct mapped cache, may produce more misses if programs refers to memory words that occupy a same tag value.

Which of the following options is correct?

How S1 is true?
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When a miss occurs, the cache controller must select a block to be replaced with the desired data. A replacement policy determines which block should be replaced.

With direct-mapped placement the decision is simple because there is no choice: only one block frame is checked for a hit and only that block can be replaced.

With fully-associative or set-associative placement, there are more than one block to choose from on a miss.

If you choose Direct-Mapped Method the choice of replacement policy will not affect the process. Choosing Fully-Associative Method lets you select different replacement policies and find the best one for the reference string.


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