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Assume a new cache design is proposed by a student. But he later discovered design has too many conflict misses and to resolve this issue he increases the associativity in the design.

Which of the following implication will occur in the new design ?

  A. Access time increases

  B. Index bit increases

  C. No implications in the design


what does INDEX bits refers to in set associative and associative mapping?
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I think these are set bits in case of set associative. But we don't have any such in associative.

@Hemanth_13, OK , but my doubt is
Indexing refers to getting the location of the particular word, so in set associative, even if we get the set, still there are many blocks withing that set, so we still need to add the associative bits then?


Indexing refers to getting the location of the particular word,

Indexing refers to getting the set only.

===> when associativity increases, automatically number of sets decreased ==> no.of bits to represent sets are may decrease but never increase



By the way type the question instead of screenshot !

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