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Let the given IP address be How many subnet masks possible? Is it 12 or 11?
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Didn't get your question. How can it be 11 or 12? Can you explain?
Subnet mask depends on your network configuration, whether it's class B or C, and in how many subnets the network is divided. Subnet mask is independent of an IP address.


Let the address be in CIDR and is a limited broadcast address.

So, the address can be represented as 200.1.00001111.11111111  (the last two representations are in binary form).

Then how many subnet masks are possible? I am having doubt whether 11111111.11111111.11111111.11111111 can be a valid subnet mask (of only one host) in this case?


@Harsh Kumar If you are letting the address to be CIDR, then give a correct representation of IP address. How many bits are there in block Id?

btw, can't be a valid subnet mask, bcoz in subnet mask host id bits should be set to 0. All 1 in subnet mask indicates all bits represents NID, ie.a network with no host. That's wrong. 

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