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In a 4-bit binary ripple counter, for every input clock pulse

  1. All the flip flops get clocked simultaneously
  2. Only one flip flop get clocked at a time
  3. Two flip flops get clocked at a time
  4. All the above statements are false


Ans. D

Why not B? The i/p clock is given to the LSB flip flop isn’t it?

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So, the statement is

 " for every input clock pulse, only one flip flop get clocked at a time "

is this true ? ( from 15 to 0, all FF's flipped ).


if the statement is like

 " for every input clock pulse, atleast one flip flop get clocked at a time " --- this is true.



The "input" clock is connected to the LSB only..the rest F/Fs get triggered by the o/p of their previous F/F.

so i think using "atleast" one flip-flop might indicate something else...

I hope Gate keeps this word play restricted to the verbal section only :3


But what i meant is option B is surely wrong.

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