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I couldn't track how much time I spent per question while solving paper.

Should I always note the time when i start solving a new question ?

How to keep track of a question when i started solving it and how much time i am spending on it ?
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@Shaik Masthan 


@Rishabh Gupta 2


Please Guide.


this is vary to person to person.

coming to me,

i didn't track time at all !

But i am focus on solving the question ( my aim is solve the question even it takes 3-4 more min than normal one ), But after 7 min ( approx we can guess ), still i am in same question, then i left it !

it may help you

Great Blog.


Need one advice. @Shaik Masthan

I gave 2018 exam  but i didn't check any solution for even a single question.

And last time i couldn't crack it as i wasnt good in basics,  so most probably these questions are new for me as a fresh gate paper.

So when should i solve it , end of jan or in mid ?

if you take it on end of jan, could you analyse where you wrong and clear those concepts with in 2 Days ?

if yes, take it at end, otherwise take it in the mid of jan


okay i ll give it on 15 jan.

now i am thinking of just solving GO pdf n nothing new.

n yeah i made a revision chart till 12 jan.

will modify further as per performance.

thanx for advice 

@Shaik Masthan


The analysis you are looking for is given in Made Easy tests

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